Wholesale Inquiries

We love working with retailers, spas and estheticians to offer Bella Vida SB to their customers. 

You can shop wholesale with us on Faire if you are in USA, Canada, UK and parts of Europe and Australia. You can also shop wholesale on Peeba in Asia and Australia and Creoate in the UK and Europe. And you might qualify for Net 60 day terms. (That means you don't pay for 60 days after you receive the items.)

We are a TOP SHOP on Faire because of our customer service and retailers and spas love us!

Ready to shop? Sign up below for Faire here and you get a free $100.00 credit to shop with us.


If you are in the UK or Europe, You can Shop on Faire or Creoate here: https://www.creoate.com/signup/retailer?referred=true&referrer=96740


If you are in Asia, you can shop wholesale on Peeba here or join below: www.peeba.com/bella-vida-santa-barbara