Wholesale and Backbar Sizes for Spas and Estheticians


If you are a licensed Esthetician or run a Spa, you can view our current back bar sizes. 

*NOTE: We offer a wholesale discount of 50% with a minimum of $500.00 retail order (so you pay $250.00).  Thanks! 

Email us at info@bellavidasb.com for our Spa buyer list as we have several products exclusively for spas and estheticians not listed here, and for information on how to get wholesale discount. 

How to order:

1. Search for "Back Bar Sizes" on our website. We have more sizes and we can send you our buyer line sheet for Spas.

2. Email us when you are ready to order and we will send you a 40-50% off discount code to use. 

3. New Policy:

Orders under $500.00 retail get a 40% off code. 

50% off code Minimum order is $500.00 retail so $250.00 wholesale.  Thank you! 

We are very proud to work with many Licensed Estheticians and Spas to bring our products to their treatments and customers.  

To get exclusive access to our Spa Product Line and Backbar size price list, please email us at info@bellavidasb.com  to set up a call and get access to our line made especially for facials and more.

Special Access to products not listed in our Retail Line that only you and your customers can enjoy!

Face Masks and Therapeutic Grade Masks

Lash Products

Lip Oils

Body Treatments


If you have an idea for a beautiful product you want to create for your Spa, email us and we will set up a call to discuss your project with our lead Organic Skincare Formulator,  Erin Schmidt.