New Wholesale Inquiries

We love working with skincare and beauty retailers, spas and estheticians to offer Bella Vida SB to their customers. 

You can shop wholesale with us directly.  We are setting up a wholesale page for spas and estheticians, as well as shops that specialize in beauty and skincare.  Note: We are closing our Faire wholesale shop soon due to changes on the platform that are hurting my business. Thank you for understanding. 


1. Because we are a small business,  we are limiting who we sell wholesale to at this time.  If you are a beauty and skincare retailer, spa or licensed esthetician that does treatments for clients, please email us and we will set up an account for you.  Please send us your website to review that you sell or do treatments for skincare.


1. If you want to order, please email us directly with the title:


2.  If you are a licensed professional or spa, please send us your website and tell us about your business.

3. After we review, we will get back to you shortly with a specific discount code for wholesale orders for verified businesses that sell skincare or do spa treatments.  Thank you.


We offer a 40% discount for orders under $500.00 retail and

*a 50% discount for orders over $501.00 retail (so you pay $250.00 wholesale)

Thank you for your support of my small, woman owned and operated business! 

Love,  Erin