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Incredible for acne and congested, oily skin!

I have been using this on my teen daughter's VERY oily and acne prone skin and seeing amazing results with this new formula. She gets congested and blocked pores, blackheads and acne very easily and her skin is immediately clear and smoothed after using this at night only. (she won't wash her face in morning, so we use a good Toner or Micellar water in morning). Her acne has greatly reduced and it keeps blackheads away too! LOVE IT! Such a gorgegous color of blue and a light blue tansy scent we both love.


OMG. These new Lush Lip oils are amazing! The colors are SO pretty! I got the soft pink and my daughter got the Rose gold shimmer. Love them!

An amazing toner

I love using this toner at night before bed with the sunflower serum. My skin feels so soft.

Luxe Lip Plumping Peptide Serum
Veronica, Licensed Esthetician
I'm Obsessed!

I used the plumping lip serum for the first time today and just like every other product from Bella Vida, I am impressed! Amazing smell and feels so nourishing! I cannot wait to share this with my clients!

Amazing Smell

This leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated, but it smells like blueberry cobbler going on. I love this one second to the pineapple mask.

My favorite!

I have been using the Riviera eye cream and this is by far my favorite I have ever tried! Matter of fact, between the creams and eye serum, I have actually skipped my Botox session. lol I was supposed to go in March and I swear I do not need it yet.

Luxurious Face Oil

This is one of those face oils which makes you feel great just from the scent, texture, and packaging. I use it on special occasions, but you could use this everyday as it gives my skin a glow, hydration, and bounce. I get so many compliments on days I wear the face oil. It has a nice scent too - subtly orange, but also with spicier notes.

Cleanest Feeling Face

I use this cleanser before I head to bed. Usually, by the end of the night my face will be slightly oily and I rinse it with warm water + this cleanser. My skin feels super clean after. It is had to describe, but it basically feels like the excess dirt, grease, and pollutants have been stripped away and all that is left is a purely clean face.

The BEST Smelling and SMOOTHEST Moisturizer

This is my go to moisturizer because of how great it works and smells. It has a subtle, but sweet smell - exactly like a fresh orange. It leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated, but without the shine or grease of other products.

Most amazing mask

I absolutely love this mask, not only does it smell like a tropical paradise, but it leaves my skin feeling fully hydrated and extremely smooth and soft. Best mask I own, though the blueberry one might be a close second.

New and improved formula. YUMMMM!

I loved this mask with the original formula, but this new formula is something else. It’s so creamy and light and made my face feel so amazing after I washed it off. It smells delicious and feels great while it’s on, too! Huge fan right here!!

terrific moisturizer

Best I have tried ,,very light and not shinny .

HI Roger! Thank you so much for your kind review! We're so happy you love the Playa cream.

excellent everyday mask

the sea mineral mask is a very light mask . I can use it 3-4 times a week and it is exceptional . it really helps exfoilate the areas not touched by shaving and balances out my face . you may prefer a heavy stronger mask less frequently and I will experiment with other masks in the future . the BVSB products are exceptional and I am a very happy customer .

Love this refill!!

The only thing that makes this amazing face wash any better is the fact that I can order refills for it, which makes things more economical and better for the environment. I absolutely love this face wash so much!

Great Pampering Product

I love this serum. It smells incredible, is lightweight, and seeps into the skin wonderfully. It doesn't leave your face sticky, but rather leaves it hydrated. I use it at night before I sleep because I like using the sea mineral moisturizer during the day.

Amazing Moisturizer!

This is my favorite moisturizer for a few reasons: 1) it does a great job of bringing my skin to life 2) it feels so luxurious upon application with its fluffy texture and light scent 3) it leaves my skin hydrated all day and doesn't feel stick on make my face shiny. The third reason is my favorite - I can't stand moisturizers which make your face look oily all day! This product blends in with the skin so it feels soft to the touch, but its unnoticeable to others.

Great for Hydration!

This mask is hydrating and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. It has a clear, gel like consistency, and an amazing smell. I leave mine on my face for about 10-15 min and it clears up my skin greatly. I highly recommend!

Smooth Feeling Product

The sea mineral mask is awesome. It is a cool, luxurious feeling product which really makes my skin feel clean after a wash. It is a refreshing facial wash/mask (I used it as both) with a subtle "sea mineraly" scent. It also leaves my skin color more evened out.


I am totally in love with the sunlight serum and the Brighten Vitamin C body lotion❤️

In love!

I am totally in love with the sunlight serum and the Brighten Vitamin C body lotion❤️


The Sapphire oil is perfection! Blue Tansy is so soothing, I even used this with Gua Sha massage and it worked great. Everything was packaged very well in glass. This is important for both our health and the planet and I appreciate the thoughtfulness. The owner contacted me prior to my order being shipped and was super responsive and personable. I’ll definitely be ordering again!


I am obsessed with your oils, my clients are so excited to use it! Looking forward to continue to order and support your business <3


I am obsessed with your oils, my clients are so excited to use it! Looking forward to continue to order and support your business <3

Really beautiful product!

These will be great for cold brew teas and fruit infused waters. Great artwork and who doesn’t love Santa Barbara?

Cocomero Watermelon Glow Serum
Peyton, Retailer on Faire

I'm so obsessed with the glow this serum gives to the face!