Bella Vida Santa Barbara Winner of 4 Vegan Beauty Awards

Bella Vida Santa Barbara Winner of 4 Vegan Beauty Awards

Posted by Erin Schmidt on

We are proud and honored to announce that Bella Vida Santa Barbara is the Winner of 4 Vegan Beauty Awards, including Best Brand.  

We would like to thank the CEO, Louise Jane for this incredible review of our company and submitted formulas.


Bella Vida Santa Barbara is a brand that will help you get the skin you've always wanted. I've tried countless beauty products and have never been blown away by the results as much as with this brand; it truly lives up to all of its claims.

Their Sunlight Serum is one of those iconic beauty products that you'll fall in love with the moment you try it. Results are instant and dramatic, you'll see softer and more radiant skin after just one use!

And, if you feel like your morning beauty routine needs a little extra attention, their Cocomero Watermelon Serum is the perfect addition. It gives a healthy, dewy glow - no makeup required! Plus, it smells absolutely amazing!

Another product that will get you hooked on this brand; their Playa Sea Mineral Restoring Cream. When your skin is in desperate need of nourishment and hydration, it is ready to deliver; over 92 nutrients in fact! It'll make you look renewed, revitalised, and healthier than ever before.

But, this brand isn't just one of the best in terms of the results it delivers; it's also one of the most sustainable luxury skincare companies out there. Overall, it's a must-have brand if you want the best skin of your life!

- Louise Jane, CEO The Vegan Beauty Award"



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